Gather. Collaborate. Play.

The most interactive remote team events and collaboration platform. 
VR delivered to your door.

The most interactive remote team events and collaboration platform.
VR delivered to your door.

The mission:

Bring people together in VR

The outcome:

“Wow that was cool! And I feel great about it!”

Your perfect tool for

remio perfect tool for

Team Fun

- Fun and Memorable
- Improve team morale & camaraderie
- Blow off some steam

Offsites & Company Events

- Customized worlds & HQs
- Seasonal themes
- Mind blowing experiences

Remote Team Collaboration

Teleport your team into the same magical room for meetings, white-boarding, and presentations.

DEI Workshops

- Tailored workshops for your teams DEI needs
- DEI games and activities

Onboarding Teammates & Clients

- Wow new clients or teammates with memorable events
- The best remote employee benefit

You're in Good Company


The entire experience was awesome. I've never met any of my colleagues in real life, and this provided a real sense of place. The spatial audio made me feel like I was next to people. The games were really fun and engaging. I'd definitely do this again with team members.
- Product Designer at Google
ryan sims
Ryan Sims
This was the best remote team event I've participated in! Thank you again.
- Product Design Lead at HubSpot
valinda testimonial
Valinda Chan
Remio hosted such a fun immersive and engaging experience for our team. We’re looking forward to spending more time in our virtual company campus!
- Director of HR at Skyriver IT
Rachel Reber
Thank you so much for hosting the event in VR, we all had an incredible time and really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this experience to any of my friends, this was one of the most fun virtual team events I've experienced. Thank you so much for making it...
- Product Manager at Checkr
Conor Brennan-Burke
Such a great way to connect with a team that’s spread across the US! The ability to navigate a virtual space with your team members and hear their voices gave it a true teleportation feel. Highly recommend!
- SVP, Marketing at Aki Technologies
stephanie testimonial
Stephanie Klimaszewski
We had an amazing time! It was a really unique experience! The whole team was super supportive and helpful every step of the way.
- Design Manager at Google
Myles ONeill
Myles O'Neill
Remio has hosted the most engaging team-building event I've ever experienced. It still blows my mind.
- CTO at Tesorio
fabio review
Fabio Fleitas
I've always wanted to dunk on my coworkers in VR. Now I have.
- Account Manager at Twilio
Joshua Martin
We should give each employee a headset and have all our meetings in here!
- Data Scientist at Robinhood
Tiffany Soebijantoro
It was a fun activity to play with my teammates. We got to play multiple games and, just like everyday work, we were collaborating on strategies to fight dragons. It felt like an extension of the workspace.
- Security Engineer at Fast
harshneel review
Harshneel More
I haven't felt that type of fun since I was 12. The difference in Remio is that I was actually working! That is the power of VR and Remio has cracked the code with their product.
- CEO at Go to Market
Customer Testimonial
Jeff Weiser

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Learn Why Companies Choose Remio

Learn Why Companies Choose Remio

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