VR Rentals

Wow your attendees with a fully immersed and unique experience in virtual reality. 


Forget about unengaged video calls and meet your friends in the metaverse. You’ll create lasting memories and rave about it for months after.

Pico neo 3

Get access to our software specifically designed for teams to collaborate and play fun team-building games together.

We deliver the headset to each attendee.

VR creates the sense of togetherness, even when your friends are distributed all around the world.

VR headset

Popular Events to do in VR

  • Team Building

  • Yearly & Quarterly Kickoff Meetings.
  • Company Off-sites & Virtual Retreats
  • Company Holiday Parties.

  • End of the Year Functions.
  • Conferences.

  • Networking Events.

The most unforgettable & "out-of-this world" experience for your team.

Delivered to your door.

Our Top 3 Experiences

teambuilding games

Team Puzzle Race

Nothing screams "team-building" more than a wipe-out-style obstacle course. Teams challenge each other to a series of puzzles, mazes, and obstacles.


Teams get to strategize for 1 minute before the game starts. Teammates take on different roles as some protect the base, and others go grab the flag and bring it back to the base. It's all about team-work and high-fiving your team to revive them.

Archer Tower Defense

Your team against the world — Everyone turns into archers and receive bow & arrows. Protect your castle from orchs and dragons for as long as possible. Revive your teammates with high-fives. PS: levels get progressively more difficult.

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