Unpacking & Packing Instructions for Easy-Returns


1. You need only cut/remove the sealing sticker on the lip of the box to fold it open.
2. Try to keep the box intact to make returns easier.
3. Each box contains the following:
  • Organic vegan ginger Tummydrops
  • A return label
  • Stickers/labels to indicate that the box is sealed on return
  • The Oculus Quest headset with controllers and a charger

Packing for Returns

1. Replace the shipping label in the outer box pouch with the return label provided.
2. If you used the charger, please remember to return it to the box.
3. Pack the headset back into the Oculus box and place it inside the shipping box.
  • Remember to include your charger if you used it.
4. Close-fold the shipping box and apply the sticker provided to indicate that the box has been sealed.
5. Take the box to the appropriate post office or have it picked up from your house.
  • Make sure that you drop the box at the shipping service on the return label (e.g. UPS for a UPS label.)

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