Are you an Engineering Manager,

Team Leader, or Senior Manager?

Looking to celebrate success with a fun team-building event or just a new fun way to connect your team?

— Remio helps distributed teams get together in one room, for a fun, immersive and magical team building experience that doesn’t feel like another day at the office.

team leaders

Celebrate the Small Wins

If you’re guilty of jumping to the next big deadline without celebrating an outstanding milestone — Remio’s got your back!

Keep your team engaged and motivated by showing them their efforts are valued, with a magical experience.

Get your entire team to connect in one room, by playing fun fully-immersed team-building activities, in virtual reality.


Get a VR headset delivered to each teammate

Teleport them into the same magical space — it feels like you’re in the same room.

Simply tell us the day, time, and number of participants. We take care of all the scheduling, logistics, and shipping.

Our solution is the ultimate team-building and team bonding tool

We also enable standups and presentations in VR with tools such as:

  • Whiteboard,
  • Presentation rooms, &
  • Jira project planning

Ready to get started?

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