Are you a sales executive

looking to impress clients and partners?

Remio can help you provide a memorable experience for your sales reps. 

Or why not hop into a room with potential customers to whiteboard and upsell solutions?

sales meeting

Brainstorm, Collaborate & Impress your Clients & Sales Reps

With the workplace becoming more remote. 

It’s becoming more difficult to brainstorm and collaborate with your team and customers.

Get your colleagues and customers from around the world in one room!


Get a VR headset delivered to each teammate or customer

Teleport them into the same magical space — it feels like you’re in the same room.

Simply tell us the day, time, and number of participants. We take care of all the scheduling, logistics, and shipping.


Our solution includes VR whiteboarding, presentations, and breakout rooms.

We’ve also got fun casual experiences that ensure participants have an unforgettable experience.

The most popular ones include;

  • Archer Tower Defense
  • Paintball
  • Team Puzzle Race



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