Remio's Roadmap 2022-23

road map
April 2022
  • Cube spawning gun
  • Social sharing of feedback booth and media
  • Networking Event Features
    • Events tab on login
    • Business cards/LinkedIn/Twitter integrations
    • Public event space for rent
    • Banning/kicking users
    • User info collection forms
  • 3D Hologram Recorder
  • Disc golf
  • Async turn-based game [exact game tbd]
  • SSO
  • Multiplayer youtube streaming into any scene
  • Tutorial Scene
  • Custom graphic placements for all server admins
  • Improved HQ management from dashboard
    • Doors between servers
    • Improve portal management
      • Allow placement of portals anywhere – like in Spatial
      • Edit portal destination from within VR and from dashboard
    • public/private server switch
    • Deep link with auto signup – create and edit deeplinks on dashboard
    • Easy deep links back into your server from other apps
    • Separate spawning location from HQ
      • Be able to set any space as the default spawning location.
    • Lock users to only a specific room
    • Groups inside servers
July 2022
  • Remcity
  • Move with hand-tracking
  • Slack plugin
    • Slack notifications when someone joins your server
  • More expressive avatars
  • Presentation improvements
    • Improve Youtube quality
    • Background audio for aurora
    • OVR overlay not over everything
    • Video streaming robustness
    • Presentation room broadcast mode
    • Zoom and webex
    • Simultaneous 3d models and presentations
    • Fbx support for 3d models
    • Robust glb loading with dashboard checks.
  • User-customizable networking rooms
  • Improved high score visibility and tracking
  • Team Tanks game
  • Game like quidditch
October 2022
  • Speaker to talk to everyone in server
  • Ready player me avatars
  • Tournament and bracket mgmt
  • User-enabled changes to puzzle and escape room games
  • Pirate ship race game
  • Prop Hunt game (like in Fortnite)
  • Mobile phone in VR
January 2023
  • Experience, scene, and game building tool for users
  • Google drive + one drive integrations
  • Miro integration
  • Keyboard support
  • 360 video streaming
  • Desktop in VR
  • Corquet
  • Game like Overcooked

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