Running a remote team &

looking to level-up your communication?

Looking to level up your standups and team collaboration or make your team meetings more fun and engaging?

Remio will spice up your daily team meetings and let your team bond on a whole new level.

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Invest In Your Team

Keep your team engaged and motivated by showing them their efforts are valued, in a unique and magical way.

Get your entire team to connect in one room, enjoy fun fully-immersed team-building activities, and collaborate, in virtual reality.


Get a VR headset delivered to each teammate

Teleport them into the same magical space — it feels like you’re in the same room.

Simply tell us the day, time, and number of participants. We take care of all the scheduling, logistics, and shipping.


Our solution includes collaboration and productivity tools such as:

  • Whiteboard,
  • Presentation rooms,
  • Jira project planning, &
  • Breakout rooms.

Moreover, we have the most exciting casual team games for teammates to relax and bond in.


Ready to get started?

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