Presenting In The Metaverse

speaker doing a presentation in large auditorium in front of large audience

The Aurora Auditorium

Companies use the Aurora Auditiorium to host annual kick-offs, celebrations, or off-site presentations for large-scale events. Gather 200+ people in one large conference room, host your talk and then explore the endless fun in the metaverse.

Presentations & Video Streaming

Whether you want to run your team through your product roadmap, a financial slide deck or show them your upcoming marketing campaign video, you can do it all in Remio.


Pre-load your presentation files and YouTube video links to your Remio Dashboard.

team sitting in conference room watching a coworker do a presentation
team brainstorming with a whiteboard

Whiteboard & Collaborate

Collaborate and brainstorm using virtual whiteboards.


Many rooms in Remio have whiteboards pre-installed so you can simply walk up to one and start brainstorming. You can also spawn a whiteboard absolutely anywhere in Remio through your menu on your left wristwatch. 


Want to customize your whiteboard?

Pre-load a template to your Remio Dashboard and load it in VR.

3D Models

Visualize virtual prototypes and mock-ups of a product or feature remotely, using Remio.


View our 3D model preparation guide here.

team collaborating around a 3D model
someone looking at a picture in the gallery room

Gallery Room

Create your team’s personalized gallery room.

Use it for celebrations, onboarding, farewells, special events, advertising or showcasing your NFTs.

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