Remio helps remote companies maintain a productive culture and sense of camaraderie through team-building experiences and collaboration in VR. We deliver a headset to each of your team members and guide you through immersive multiplayer activities ranging from Team Puzzle Races to Archer Tower Defense. Our software also enables VR collaboration for activities such as whiteboarding, Jira project planning, and presentations. 

Available Experiences

Team Puzzle​ Race

4 – 50 participants

Space-Themed Escape Room

4 – 50 participants

escape room

Archer Tower Defense

4 – 50 participants


4 – 50 participants

Tron Room

4 – 50 participants

Dodge, Slice, and Fly — with epic music!

Hilarious Hide-and-Seek

4 – 50 participants


1-8 participants

*Available on request


Table Tennis

2 participants

*Available on request

table tennis

Zen Room

1-50 participants


360 Cinema

1-20 participants


Soft skills training – Learn more here.

*Available on request


Virtual Reality Full Body Workout — Move, sweat, & get fit on 4 square meters.

*Available on request

How It Works


Choose a Date

  • Tell us the day, time, and number of participants.
  • We take care of the rest – scheduling, logistics, and shipping.

We Deliver

  • Delivered to each team member’s door or address of choice.
  • Pre-configured standalone VR headsets to members of your team.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simply slide on the headset.

We Host The Event

  • We host a fun immersive team-building and/ or corporate event.
  • You simply choose the date and time.
  • Join through a VR headset or your browser.


  • After a predetermined period participants return the headsets using our easy-returns system.

We thoroughly clean and disinfect the equipment before sending it to customers.

The boxes we use for shipping are set up for easy returns.

We take care of all the logistics and shipping for you.

What To Expect During The Event:

For teammates who don’t want to enter via VR, they can participate in the fun through our browser application.

  1. Our Events Coordinator will host the session— They will guide participants through the experiences and help them when they get stuck.
  2. On the day we’ll start the session with a Zoom call to help anyone if they get stuck during the initial setup.
  3. After everyone has entered the virtual HQ, we continue the rest of the session in VR and no other hardware or software is needed — our solution is completely turnkey.
  4. The sessions usually last for 1h30min and the client can curate a list of experiences. 
  5. All of the games and experiences are designed to be gender and experience neutral with roles available for any kind of player. 
  6. A presentation room is also available for presenting any slideshows or videos. Many companies use this room for a general company update or meeting before starting the team-building session.
  7. In terms of branding, custom logos are included in the virtual HQ, making it look like your company’s private virtual HQ. We also enable players to get company branded swag for their avatars.

For any questions please email founders@remiovr.com

Check out our Youtube Channel for previous event highlights. 

Notable Customers


The entire experience was awesome. I've never met any of my colleagues in real life, and this provided a real sense of place. The spatial audio made me feel like I was next to people. The games were really fun and engaging. I'd definitely do this again with team members.
- Product Designer at Google
ryan sims
Ryan Sims
Remio has hosted the most engaging team-building event I've ever experienced. It still blows my mind.
- CTO at Tesorio
fabio review
Fabio Fleitas
Remio hosted such a fun immersive and engaging experience for our team. We’re looking forward to spending more time in our virtual company campus!
- Director of HR, Skyriver IT
Rachel Reber
We should give each employee a headset and have all our meetings in here!
- Data Scientist at Robinhood
Tiffany Soebijantoro
It was a fun activity to play with my teammates. We got to play multiple games and, just like everyday work, we were collaborating on strategies to fight dragons. It felt like an extension of the workspace.
- Security Engineer at Fast
harshneel review
Harshneel More
We had an amazing time! It was a really unique experience! The whole team was super supportive and helpful every step of the way.
- Design Manager at Google-
Myles ONeill
Myles O'Neill


Don't have VR Headsets?


Easy-return to send headset back after event
$ 95 per person
  • VR Headset delivered to your door
  • Choose up to 4 available experiences​
  • 1 Guided team-building event


Users Keps and Own a Headset Forever
$ 450 per person
  • VR headset delivered to your door
  • Access to all available experiences​
  • Unlimited daily access to team-building activities
  • Unlimited daily access to collaboration & productivity tools
  • Guided team-building events
  • Quarterly hosted events & tournaments
  • Users keep and own headsets forever!


4 Events per year
$ 300 per person
  • VR headset delivered to your door
  • Includes all available experiences​
  • Guided team-building events
  • Quarterly hosted events & tournaments

* Please reach out if you’d like to discuss a different pricing model.

* Listed amounts include all shipping and taxes and are the final amounts to be paid.

* Cheaper options are available if users already have a headset.

* International shipments are possible with the additional fees carried by the customer.

Already own a VR Headsets?

Free Tier

Public Remio Server
Free _
  • Max players: 20
  • Public Server

One off Team Event​

Private Team Fun
$ 40 per person
  • Choose up to 3 available experiences​
  • 1 Guided team-building event​

Business Pro

Private and Customized Servers
$ 5 per person/ month
  • Private Server
  • Unlimited daily access to team-building activities
  • Unlimited daily access to collaboration & productivity tools
  • Environment Persistence
  • Customizable Avatars & HQ
  • SaaS Tool Integrations

Education Pro

Ideal for High Schools and Universities
$ 10 per person/ month
  • Private Server
  • Unlimited daily access to collaboration & productivity tools
  • Environment Persistence
  • Customizable Avatars & HQ
  • SaaS Tool Integrations
  • Educational tools and experiences

Here’s a video of one of our recent events.

Hello there!

You’re about to enter the Remio Headquarters as a browser-spectator.


This spectator mode will give you a sense of what is available in VR.

Please see the on-screen instructions on how to move around.