Below are some of the key features of the Remio platform.

Collaboration Tools

Use Remio for your remote collaboration needs and meetings.

a team collaborating using a white board

Many rooms in Remio have whiteboards pre-installed so you can simply walk to one and use it. You can also spawn a white board absolutely anywhere in Remio through you menu on your left-wrist watch. 

Want to customize your white board? Pre-load a template to your Remio Dashboard and load it in VR.

Create and share sticky notes.

Virtual sticky notes can be placed anywhere inside Remio.

Easily load kanban board on your whiteboard and start brainstorming and planning with your colleagues.


Need to have a private 1:1?

Each Remio HQ has 2 private rooms where the audio is controlled so anyone who stands outside the room won’t be able to hear you.

You can find 3D pens inside Remio and start drawing in virtual space.

Presentation Features

Do a presentation for your team in Remio’s conference room or Aurora Auditorium.

speaker doing a presentation in large auditorium in front of large audience

Remio has the ability to stream YouTube videos in any of the conference rooms.

You can upload listed and unlisted upload listed and unlisted YT links to your Remio Dashboard.

Do presentations in our small conference room or large Aurora Auditorium. Simply upload your pdf presentation file to your Remio Dashboard.

Easily mute the crowd when doing an important presentations or talks in the Aurora Auditorium. And then open the floor for question whenever you’re ready.

Load 3D models for training and brainstorming sessions. 


Company Culture

Remio has the most interactive and engaging team-building activities.

  • Gather your team and talk naturally like you’re all in the same room.
  • Communicate privately by walking further away from the rest of the group.
  • Hosts can mute others to make announcements 

Some of our most popular team-building games include:

  • Spatial-themed Escape Room
  • Team Puzzle Race 
  • Archer Tower Defense
  • Paintball

More experiences.

Want to sit back and enjoy your offsite with your team instead of organize and run everything? We’ll take care of the logistics and one of our Remio hosts will run the entire event.

Learn Why Others Choose Remio

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This spectator mode will give you a sense of what is available in VR.

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