Company Offsite Events

Organize company events that foster meaningful relationships and employee growth. Your event is fully customizable and we will deliver the VR headsets to your door.


Why fly everyone to an expensive hotel if you can teleport your team to another world in the metaverse?


Empower employees to create connections outside of the workplace

Make your employees feel valued for the hard work

VR creates the sense of togetherness, even when your entire team is distributed all around the world.

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The most unforgettable & "out-of-this world" experience for your team.

Delivered to your door.

Our Top 3 Experiences

teambuilding games

Team Puzzle Race

Nothing screams "team-building" more than a wipe-out-style obstacle course. Teams challenge each other to a series of puzzles, mazes, and obstacles.


Teams get to strategize for 1 minute before the game starts. Teammates take on different roles as some protect the base, and others go grab the flag and bring it back to the base. It's all about team-work and high-fiving your team to revive them.

Archer Tower Defense

Your team against the world — Everyone turns into archers and receive bow & arrows. Protect your castle from orchs and dragons for as long as possible. Revive your teammates with high-fives. PS: levels get progressively more difficult.

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This spectator mode will give you a sense of what is available in VR.

Please see the on-screen instructions on how to move around.