Creating The Future AR/ VR Office Via Team-Building Games

Creating The Future AR/VR Office Via Team-Building Games The advent of personal computers and smartphones has drastically changed our lives and the same will be true for AR and VR glasses. Predictions, however, are error-prone which is why we’ve focussed on a near-term strategy that will help us realize our long-term goal. In this post, […]

9 Fun & Unique Team-Building Activities for Virtual Teams

9 Fun & Unique Team-Building Activities for Virtual Teams Imagine your remote team performs twice as fast and produces double the amount of high-quality work?  Team-building has a bad reputation for many. If your team-building activities are boring and… well, lame, then it’s probably time to put your idea-hat on and spice things up. Provide […]

My Experience with the HTC Vive Focus 3

My experience with the HTC Vive Focus 3 as a VR newbie Guest Post: Eugenie (a VR-obsessed Newbie) HTC’s latest all-in-one Virtual Reality (VR) headset is the Vive Focus 3 and I was lucky enough to test it out through my friends at Remio. I’m quite the beginner in VR and my frame of reference […]

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