Available Experiences

Team Puzzle​ Race

Form 2 teams and challenge each other in the ultimate wipeout-style puzzle race. Blue vs Red.

Space-Themed Escape Room

Join your team in an epic mission in space, keeping your spaceship from losing oxygen.

Archer Tower Defense

It’s your team against the world.  Defend your castle against orcs & dragons, where each level gets progressively more challenging.


Split into 2 teams and challenge each other to a game of paintball, with a focus on team tactics and high-speed action.

Red Light Green Light

After many requests, we created our version of red-light green-light from the popular series Squid Game.

Disco Room

Join your colleagues and friends in the disco room. Have a dance-off in VR, and play around with lasers & 3D pens.


Encourage creativity and communication on another level.

Split into 2 teams & challenge each other to a game of Pictionary.

Aurora Auditorium

Host conferences, summits or meetings. 

Explore our presentation features.


Hang out while enjoying casual activities like beer pong, flip cup, shuffleboard, and much more.

Gallery Room

Create your team’s personalized gallery room. Whether it’s for a conference, presentation, onboarding, or a farewell.

gallery room

Tron Room

Dodge, Slice, and Fly! All with epic music. A chilled synth-wave themed experience in virtual reality where your team can hang out for some water-cooler chats.

Hilarious Hide-and-Seek

Join your team in this hilarious version of Hide-and-Seek. Hiders transform into tiny ant-sized avatars, and seekers transform to giants with hilarious voices.

Zen Room

Break away to your favorite relaxing virtual space, whether it’s the beach, the forest or space, while meditating, stretching or yoga.


360 Cinema

Access any 360 video. 

Experience, plan, and enjoy.


Soft skills training – Learn more here.

*Available on request


Virtual Reality Full Body Workout — Move, sweat, & get fit in VR. 

*Available on request

The Virtual Environment Includes

The Virtual Environment Includes

socializing in VR
  • Fully-immersed interactive avatars
  • Spatial audio and lip-syncing
  • Join from any device via a browser
  • Fun objects: basketball, frisbees, target shooting, bows-and-arrows, chess, mini-golf & many more arcade-style games
  • Beautifully captivating environments
  • Customized company campuses

Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Productivity & Collaboration Tools

collaborating and brainstorming
  • Whiteboarding & sticky notes
  • Presentation room (presentation-mode; video streaming)
  • In-room web browser
  • Trello/ Jira integration
  • Private rooms/ 1:1 rooms with fun items
  • Screensharing
  • Selfie sharing
collaborating and brainstorming

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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