Available Experiences

Team Puzzle​ Race

4 – 50 participants

Space-Themed Escape Room

4 – 50 participants

escape room

Archer Tower Defense

4 – 50 participants


4 – 50 participants

Tron Room

4 – 50 participants

Dodge, Slice, and Fly — with epic music!

Hilarious Hide-and-Seek

4 – 50 participants


1-8 participants

*Available on request


Table Tennis

2 participants

*Available on request

table tennis

Zen Room

1-50 participants


360 Cinema

1-20 participants


Soft skills training – Learn more here.

*Available on request


Virtual Reality Full Body Workout — Move, sweat, & get fit on 4 square meters.

*Available on request

The Virtual Environment Includes



  • Fully-immersed interactive avatars


  • Spatial audio and lipsyncing


  • Join from any device via a browser


  • Fun objects: basketball, target shooting, bow-and-arrows


  • Beautifully captivating environments


  • Customized company campuses

Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Project planning
  • Whiteboarding & sticky notes


  • Presentation room (presentation-mode; video streaming)


  • In-room web browser


  • Trello/ Jira integration


  • Private rooms/ 1:1 rooms with fun items


  • Screensharing


  • Selfie sharing
Project planning

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