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9 Fun & Unique Team-Building Activities for Virtual Teams

Imagine your remote team performs twice as fast and produces double the amount of high-quality work? 

Team-building has a bad reputation for many. If your team-building activities are boring and… well, lame, then it’s probably time to put your idea-hat on and spice things up. Provide memorable experiences that your team will be excited about and don’t feel like another day at the office.

In this article, we’ll share the benefits of team-building activities and 9 unique ideas. 

Why is team-building crucial for virtual teams?

Team-building helps your team:  

  • Maintain a sense of camaraderie, 
  • Improve communication,
  • Build trust,
  • Boost productivity, and
  • Be more engaged.

All of which are essential for a strong team to function at its best.

For virtual teams, maintaining a strong team culture can be even more of a challenge. And you can’t simply meet your colleague while grabbing a cup of coffee or enjoy watercooler chats. With the workforce becoming increasingly remote, it’s also more difficult to get everyone in the same room to take part in fun activities.

Luckily, there are many fun team-building activities that your team can enjoy while being remote.

9 Unique Team-building Ideas

1. Escape Room

A virtual escape room is challenging and adventurous! Your team gets a set of puzzles and tasks to solve together.


It can be played over Zoom, and you’ll receive directions and clues from a digital dashboard. Your team will continue through multiple levels until you ‘break out’ and complete the mission. 


It’s perfect for team bonding because it encourages communication, problem-solving skills, learning your teammates’ personalities, and develop a sense of camaraderie.

2. Trivia

Who doesn’t love Trivia?


You can either play a game of trivia over a Zoom call, as a one-off event or via email over a period of a few days. It’s entertaining and conversational.

3. Show & Tell

Before you think this idea is only meant for elementary school, think again. Show and tell is one of the most popular team-building activities among remote teams.


Teams in huge tech giants, like Facebook, often use these activities as ice-breakers and conversation starters.


As you might already know, these tech giants attract talent from all over the world, and their teammates are often from very different backgrounds and nationalities. So, it’s a great way to learn more about everyone’s cultures, backgrounds, and interesting hobbies.


Each team member gets 1 minute to show and talk about something. And it has to be something out of the ordinary, whether it’s a favorite cocktail recipe, a snack from your home country, a pet, or a new hobby. 

This activity is great for getting to know everyone on your team better and building a stronger and more trusting bond.

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4. Happy Hour

Not even a pandemic can stop teams from celebrating happy hour. Sure, it’s over Zoom, but it can be just as fun. 


Hop on a video call at the end of your week to meet your colleagues and recharge after the week. Some teams do virtual wine tastings, while others include fun games and conversation starters. You can even enjoy a hilarious online comedy show. The options are endless!

5. Coffee Sessions

While coffee sessions might not be your traditional coffee date in the office kitchen, many teams have a set time blocked out in their calendar for this. Those who want to, hop onto a video call together and have a coffee together.


Research shows that employees take fewer breaks when working remotely, which ultimately impacts their productivity. As a result, many team leaders started prioritizing these sessions by blocking out time in their team’s calendars. 

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6. Online Bingo

Bingo is a fun and familiar game. Start with your bingo board that has accomplishments or a set of action items on it. 


You can either create the bingo board yourself and add items like:

  • ‘…. has joked about how ‘long’ the commute was.’
  • ‘… wears pajama bottom in online meetings.’
  • ‘… always on mute without realizing.’
  • ‘… had a meeting interrupted by a family member.’

7. Paintball in VR

Paintball is a great form of team-building because it:

  • Relieves stress
  • Promote problem-solving skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Encourage teamwork & communication

Now, you might think, ‘how in this world will my team play paintball while working remotely!?’

Well, the answer is Virtual Reality. In VR, you will feel like you’re in the same space as your teammates, but in reality, you are distributed all over the country. Plus, your entire team won’t have bruises all over the following day.

8. Tower Defense in VR

Another popular VR team-building game is Tower Defense. Here, your entire team gets transported to a world where you need to work together to protect your ‘castle’ against orcs and dragons by shooting them off with a bow and arrow. It gives the team a sense of “us against the world” and genuinely bonds everyone around a common goal.


This is great to encourage better communication, boost teamwork, and build a sense of accomplishment. 

9. Puzzle Races in VR

There’s no better feeling than completing a challenging task together.


This is exactly what Team Puzzle Races are. You can either design your own set of challenges over a video call or hop into VR and experience a fully immersed version.


Remio created a team puzzle race that encourages teamwork and includes multiple obstacles to overcome together.

Wondering how your team can enjoy fun team-building games in VR?

#1 — we deliver the VR headsets to each team member & host a team-building event on a predetermined date.


Learn more about our available experiences here!

Jos van der Westhuizen

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