Remio 3D Model Preparation Guide

Quick Instructions

  • GLB/GLTF is our recommended file type. We will soon support FBX and OBJ.
  • Enable “embedded media” when exporting your file.

How to upload 3D models

  • Log into your Remio Dashboard account.
  • Select your server at ‘Your Servers‘.
  • Click ‘3D Models‘ in the left menu panel.
  • Upload your 3D model at ‘Choose file‘.

File conversion

Converstion tools to convert your 3D file to GLB

File Optimization

Target File metrix

  • Textures:
    – Recommended: 1024px x 1024px, and a maximum of 8 textures per file.
    – Maximum: 1024px x 1024 px, up to 16 textures OR 2048px x 2048px, maximum of 4 textures per file.


  • Object Count: 
    – Recommended: environment object (less than 10); single object (less than 3)
    – Maximum: environment object (20); single object (5)


  • Vertex Count:
    – Recommended: environment object (less than 100k); single object (less than 30k)
    – Maximum: environment object (300k); single object (less than 50k)


  • Triangles:
    – Recommended: environment object (less than 60k); single object (less than 15k)
    – Maximum: environment object (180k); single object (30k)


  • Shaders:
    – Supported: Unlit, Metallic/Roughness and Specular/Glossiness PBR
    – Recommended: unlit


Double-check your file

Double-check that your GLB file is uncorrupted with this viewer:

If it runs on that viewer it will work in Remio.

Other tips & resources

Watch this video for a simple decimation tutorial.

Other resources for decimation:


If you have any questions please reach out to

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